The-moon O2 WiFi is bringing connectivity to Britain in a way we’ve never seen before and it got us wondering: how would WiFi and social media have affected the great events of history? Check it out after the jump…


Richard III doesn’t get stuck in the mud 

Firing up his smartphone, Richard III tweets his followers: “Help. Stuck in mud. Send help. Thnx Rich III.” 

Helen Of Troy: a Facebook that saved a thousand ships 

Quickly checking her Facebook, the Greek navy decides that Helen of Troy’s face is not worth launching a thousand ships for. They send her a poke instead and a virtual cupcake. 

Henry VIII makes his marital choices using Facebook 

Again, Henry logs on to Facebook to vet potential wives. Checking their families pages he sees a distinct lack of male heir and discovers that Anne Of Cleaves was lying on her profile. Girl is ugly! 

Christopher Columbus nabs America on Foursquare 

O2 WiFi reaches the shores of the New World before Chris and he immediately gets hooked up to a hotspot firing off pics on Flickr and checking in on Foursquare: “Christopher just ousted Indians as Mayor of The New World.” 

The Civil “flame” War 

Oliver Cromwell posts about how l88t he is on the forums and totally pwns King Charles. Charles has to settle for shouting “FIRST!” before realising seventeen roundheads had commented before him. 

The Berlin Wall 

If iPhone and O2 WiFi had existed in time for the fall of the Berlin wall, we’d have seen people FaceTiming from the top of the crumbling barricades. You’d hope they’d switch off before David Hasslehoff started singing though. 

Treaty Of Versailles

Rather than flying over to France, the world leaders hook up via Live Meeting while Germany frantically posts a petition against reparations on every forum it can find. 

The Trojan Horse is busted

“Greek soldier + 200 others checked in @ Trojan Horse, Trojan Fort, Troy.”

Lunar landing: non-believers shut down 

Lunar landing hoaxers love suggesting that it never happened but with WiFi, the astronauts would have been able to hop on U-Stream and show the landing live across the web while tweeting: “1 small step for man, 1 giant leap 4 mankind rotfl…” 

Lunar landing: non-believers vindicated

Neil Armstrong checks in @ Moon stage, Universal Studios (w/ 1 other)


What do you make of our alternative history suggestions? Hit the comments and share your ideas for how WiFi would have changed history… 

Photo by Karen Roe

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