Better connections plan

Reimagining connectivity to make our business better for people and the planet

Technology’s constantly showing us that we’re better, connected. It brings us together when we’re apart. It helps us tackle issues rooted deep within society. And it can put us on a path to a cleaner, more sustainable way of living. The possibilities are endless. But it’s up to us to continue reimagining connectivity if we’re to unleash its full potential.

This vision led us to our better connections plan – Virgin Media O2’s new environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy, focusing on making our business better for people and the planet.

Here’s how we’ll do it…

Zero carbon future

Technology has a pivotal role to play in helping us reach a zero carbon future. We’re setting out to use the power of our tech to get there faster and empower our customers to make greener choices.

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A circular economy

E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world right now. So it’s up to us to make sure circularity is embedded in every stage of our operations and products. This way, we can help society move to a more circular economy, where technology’s designed with this in mind and can be used again and again.

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Connected communities

The world’s always spinning, and technology’s moving on with it. It’s our responsibility to make sure everyone – no matter their circumstances – can access the digital tools they need to stay connected to the people they love and the services they rely on.

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A better way to do business

At the core of our better connections plan is an ambition to build trust and stronger relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. To make sure all our people grow the business in a sustainable and ethical way. To be All In on inclusion. To empower our people to give back to their local communities. Only then will we be truly successful. Because this is the right way to do business, and it’s the only way we can keep thriving. That’s what reimagining connectivity’s all about.

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Our story to date

Both Virgin Media and O2 have strong track-records of making positive change for our people, communities and the planet.

You can find all of our existing statements and reports that outline our sustainability performance here:

Helping you stay connected

We believe everyone should be able to connect to what matters, no matter their circumstances.

We’re committed to helping people and communities across the UK stay connected during a difficult financial period. We’ve got support available if you need extra help with your services or you’re struggling with your bills.

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for change

Together we’re going to set ambitious and bold goals to supercharge our social and environmental impacts for our customers, communities, people and the planet.

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