In the harsh landscape of Western Australia, mining company Rio Tinto is using 4G to remotely monitor operations and deliver production and safety systems in their mines.

This is just one example of what 4G makes achievable.

Using some of the same radio waves that carried the analogue TV signal for over 80 years, 4G paves the way for creativity and innovation. Enabling businesses to implement ideas that have been lying dormant, assumed impossible, or perhaps not even thought of yet.

We’re working to launch our 4G service this summer. We’re the only operator that has committed to a regulatory requirement of reaching 98% of the population with indoor 4G coverage. Our wise investment and network collaboration with Vodafone means that we can accelerate our rollout plans and achieve this up to two years earlier than the regulatory requirement of 2017.

For 20% of the population, like those in rural areas, it’ll be the first time they’ve had access to high speed broadband.[1]   This extended coverage gives businesses a great opportunity to create new ways of engaging with people – truly changing their relationship with their customers.

The era of video

4G will enable far greater use of video. During our 4G trial, television broadcasters used our network to upload their video clips instead of relying on satellite links – demonstrating the power and reliability of 4G. For businesses and government, video will enable improved collaboration with employees and better engagement with customers.

Within our own business, we’re already starting to use video more and more and 4G will enable us to take things to the next level. Allowing people to get fully involved in office briefings wherever they have 4G coverage.

In health, patients that can’t get to their doctor’s surgery can already arrange a call with the doctor; as 4G adoption increases these remote consultations could be over video to enable better remote diagnosis and healthcare recommendations.

Video can also be used for remote diagnostics or to help make training materials easier to absorb.

 Truly mobile working

With a little imagination, 4G will enable businesses to create mobile offices or wifi hotspots wherever they’re needed.  And more intelligent and sophisticated apps can be created to share information, both within a business and outside of it.

4G doesn’t stop here. It’ll continue to grow and evolve, with technology like Voice over LTE (VOLTE) still to come.

It’s creativity and ingenuity that’ll bring the true potential of 4G to your business. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about how you could use 4G – so please add your comments below.

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