Tablet-accessories As the old saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” So if you’ve just picked up a brand new tablet, you owe it to yourself to kit it out with the accessories that’ll protect it on the go, and help you make the most of your new found powers. 

We’ve plucked out the highlights from the O2 store for you: read on to meet the must have peripherals…

Capacitive Screen Stylus

Touchscreen gadgets always used to come with a stylus, but modern tablets use a different technology to register prods, which works best with bare fingertips. Unless, that is, you pick up one of Griffin’s smart stylii, which look as smart as a Parker pen, and work on any new tablet, so you can sketch and handwrite on your Samsung Galaxy Tab or Dell Streak. 

Elan Passport Folio Case

If you want a case that looks as smart as that stylus, try out the old school Elan Passport Folio, which cloaks your Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet in a suave leather-like folder, and protects it from scuffs with a suede inner lining. There’s even a pocket on the inside for storing “analog” paper documents too.

Screen Protector

If you don’t need to wow any boardrooms with your slate any time soon, a simple screen protector might be best in place of a briefcase-style holder. You simply place the clear film over your tablet’s display, and hey-presto, you’re secure against nasty nicks and scratches. O2 sells protectors for every tablet, and you get two or three in a pack.

Car Charger

A car charger is a must have for your tablet if you ever make long road trips. A Samsung Galaxy Tab is an all-purpose gadget, so with continuous power, you can keep the kids entertained in the back seat with a game of Angry Birds, or even use it as a satnav, since Google Maps provides you with free turn by turn directions. And if you’ve got a Dell Streak, the in-car inspiration don’t stop there either.

Universal In-car Suction Holder

Alongside a car charger a suction holder to keep your tablet in place in your motor is a must have: you don’t want a 9.7-inch tablet sliding around every time you tackle a roundabout. This sucky pad holder from Protec can cope with even the biggest tablet on your dashboard, and makes an ideal viewing stand for watching video while you’re waiting for the other half to fill up the petrol.

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