Ringtone-150 Rocking an aging ringtone is like walking into a party wearing a piano tie. Ridicule will erupt from all corners  every time someone dials your number. Update that ringtone, quick. But instead of your phone’s standard sounds, use one of these cutting edge tracks.

We've been scouring the new releases to find the perfect tracks to replace your ringtone. From the latest single from the Arctic Monkeys to an ultra-cool instrumental, here's five ringtones that'll surprise and delight your friends, and make you look considerably cooler than your phone’s default tones.

Cutting edge Brit indie
Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair, by Arctic Monkeys
The second song to break cover from the Arctic Monkeys' forthcoming album, Suck It And See, the hilariously-titled Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair has a great twanging riff at the start that makes it the perfect recruit as your new ringtone. Hold off from answering, and you’ll be treated to some of Alex Turner's sharpest lyrics in yonks.

Rock ringtone of choice
Rope, by Foo Fighters
Another riff-tastic track just itching for a role as your ringtone, Rope is straight off the new Foo Fighters album, in fact it’s the first single. With the album scoring killer reviews and cries that it's a return to form for Dave Grohl's outfit, it’s the perfect choice for those who love beefy guitars, and something loud to get your attention when the phone rings.

The new 'old school' option
Make Some Noise, by The Beastie Boys
Returning from a period of hiatus, the new Beastie Boys record Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is gloriously upbeat and noisy. Make Some Noise is the ideal cut to drag from that record and feed to your phone as a ringtone. The central lyric seems purpose-written for the task: "make some noise if you want me".

The perfect pop tone
How I Roll, by Britney Spears
There is no shame in enjoying great pop music, and How I Roll is Ms Britney Jean Spears at her synth-backed best. Its repetitive pop hijinks give you plenty of looped hooks and synth lines, ideally suited to life as a ringtone. Whenever your mobile pipes up you’ll be treated to a big old slice of brilliant pop, and if anyone questions your taste you can claim it’s ironic.

The one the 'cool kids' will love
Ice Cream, by Battles
They might dub themselves "an experimental rock band", but Battles make incredibly catchy tunes. Ice Cream is one of the first songs to be released from their second LP Gloss Drop and features incomprehensible vocals and swooning keyboard sounds that'll push your phone’s speaker to the limit of hipsterdom.

Where to download them?

iPhone: Head to iTunes on your phone, and look under the Ringtones section. Once you’ve downloaded one, you can set it as a ringtone under Settings.

Android: You’re spoilt for choice, try downloading songs from Amazon MP3 or 7 Digital, then set them as your ringtone.

BlackBerry: Check out the 7 Digital Music Store app for BlackBerry and download tracks direct to your phone, then select them as your ringtone.

Symbian: Tap into the Ovi Music store and download to your heart’s content, then set it as a ringtone under settings.

Tell us what you make of our choices. What songs or sounds are you rocking as your current ringtone? Hit the comments and share your selection.

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