Sheffield is one of the five big cities to have just got O2 4G. But how much do you know about it?

As Sheffield has now joined the growing rank of cities where O2 4G is now available, we thought this might be a great time to brush up on our knowledge of the city.

Here are some facts about our latest 4G debutant:

1.  A river runs through it. In this case the river is called Sheaf. And that’s where Sheffield gets its name from.

2.  If Sheffield was a superhero it would be the Superman of the 4G cities, due to its nickname, the ‘City of Steel’.

3.  You sharp minded readers may already know that one of the UK’s most talented actors came from Sheffield. He likes playing with swords. Oh, and he does the voice on our ads too. Any ideas?

4.  Cast your mind back to when mobile phones were invented. Then a bit more. Back in 1857 Sheffield FC was founded, making it the oldest football club in the world.

5.  As well as football, the city has an ice hockey team: The Sheffield Steelers, and it hosts the World Snooker Championships each year at The Crucible.

6. I bet you look good using 4G on the dance floor. The Arctic Monkeys are from Sheffield. As are the Human League, Def Leppard, and Pulp (to name a few!)

7.  In Sheffield, ‘Duck’ is a term of endearment. Unless you see something coming towards you very fast that requires you to move out of the way.

8.  Sheffield’s favourite colour is green. That’s because it’s everywhere you look. In fact it’s the greenest city in England (61% of the city is greenspace).

9.  And thanks to 4G, you can watch classic films based in Sheffield on your device, with no buffering! The Full Monty, The History Boys and Four Lions are all set, or partly set in this wonderful city.

Got a fact about Sheffield? Know something you want to share with the world about any of our 4G cities? Let us know in the comments. Cheers Sheffield.

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