This week has been extremely busy!

On Tuesday 14th I was teaching English in Saraguro (school for the young children) – my job here is to teach all of the English classes which are being observed by the English teacher as she too would like to improve her English pronunciation.

Tuesday afternoon – no lunch today instead we went to visit a banana plantation. There is a lot of very hard work that goes into the bananas we eat. We observed the whole production line which is strictly observed by an inspector at all times. Some of the clusters of bananas can weigh up to 70kg – that’s heavier than me! Following this we went to the CBA college to do a little more work with the teenagers on their articles.

Wednesday 15th set up a library in the Saraguro School. Telefonica in Spain donated a number of books for the children. I was again teaching English, primarily greetings, numbers, colors and family members.

Thursday 16th – teaching English again, in Ecuador they style of teaching is very different to that in the UK, it is very regimented and repetitive so have been introducing a bit of fun a variation.

Thursday afternoon – no college, we are taking the teenagers out for the afternoon to the natural water pool I spoke about last week, it was a very nice afternoon.

Friday 17th – today was very sentimental for me, yesterday in my class the children became a little loud towards the end of the lesson which is to be expected of 9 and 10 year olds in a one and a half hour lesson in the blistering heat. I didn’t think anything of it but they all wrote me apology letters and I received some many gift´s, more than my usually day. Some of the letters were more than apology letters so it was rather emotional for me. I still get a standing ovation and they chant my name every time I enter and leave a classroom, I love the kids here. I can´t believe I only have one week left; I am not ready to leave – a huge contrast to how I was feeling a week ago.

At present the houses in Tenguel do not have running water but modernity has not left the place untouched, they have internet, television and mobile phones all before they have running water.

We have an exciting and busy weekend planned – lots of hard work with lots of people.

Aisha is one of our Pronino volunteers and is blogging from Latin America. To find out more about Proniño, head to

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