This morning Alberto, Sandra and I had to improvise for breakfast – we have to wake up very early to get to the school in the morning as it is a 20 minute bus ride and there are no places open for us to grab a bite to eat so we shared a block of cheese and some bread, it was rather nice.

I now know how it feels to be famous. I have been followed all morning by the little children asking for my autograph and their parents requesting photos. I have also received various gifts including a bracelet, earrings, pens, chewing gum and balloons. The children are very affectionate and respectful. Again Alberto, Sandra and I were invited to eat with a local family and again the food was really good.

The gentleman that we had lunch with yesterday was the mayor of Tenguel – I did not find this out until last night.

Today I did the family tree with one of my classes and the other I worked on their pronunciation of things they had already learned with their own English teacher. They want to know everything. They are very active learners.

The kids got super excited when I suggested a game of bingo – there was a lot of anticipation in the room as a pack of chewing gum was up for grabs – it went down well to say the least.

I am back working with the teenagers this afternoon, Alberto and Sandra are helping some more of them set up email accounts and how to use the internet correctly, whilst I am trying to fix the computers that are not working.

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