Second day here. We spent the morning in one school with the younger children doing 'get to know you' activities. We are now teaching the older children in a different school on how to use the internet correctly, how to set up email accounts and how to send emails.

I was very flattered to get a marriage proposal from one of the young pupils.

We received an invitation to have lunch with one of the local families today. The people of Ecuador are very hospitable and the food is great.

The children have a solid work ethic when it come to schools they treat us all with great respect.

The parents of the children have requested to do some activities with us, they are as receptive as the children and would like to get to know more about us than the children themselves.

Bye for now!

Aisha is one of our Pronino volunteers and is blogging from Latin America. To find out more about Proniño, head to

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