So arrived in Lima, Peru safe and sound, long old journey but all good.

Met up with the Spanish which was also good, but a sudden realization that man these guys talk fast and I generally have little idea of what they are on about.

Travelled to Pisco last night and arrived in the dark to what can only be described as a building site at best. Dirt roads, half finished or falling down buildings, was a real shock to the system and not what I expected, or at least not as bad as I expected. Today we awoke to a new day and the prospect of more meetings and briefings before we finally get to go to the school on Saturday. After about 20 minutes drive, we started to hear drums and varying other instruments and as a total suprise, we had arrived for a welcome at the school.


Climbed out of the van to a fan fair parade of children, firstly dressed in marching band regalia, then a walk past the schools teachers, volunteers & parents to be finally meet in the play ground by hundreds or screaming children waving flags of Peru, England, Ireland, Argentine and going totally bonkers. The most unbelievable welcome you could ever imagine, all totally blown away by it.

We were then introduced one by one to the screaming masses before the songs and dancing started. Children acting out traditional dances in full costume, then singing the national anthem, then finally photograph time with them all. The school looks fantastic, probably the best building in the town that we have seen so far and just makes me ever more eager to get started with the sports and IT classes on Monday.

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