So we finally got let loose on the school on Saturday for a painting party.

Local volunteers along with Telefonica staff from Lima all joined in to transform small sections of the school. So we have a newly marked out volleyball court, trees planted around the school yard, a new garden to grow crops, herbs and fruits for the children and to be used for their lunches, the library updated and books re-covered, the science lab re-painted and an amazing mural designed by a local artist and pained by the volunteers. All in all a wicked little day spent working hard in the baking sun, listening to funky South American music and bonding with the locals.

Sunday we had a day off (not sure if earnt yet) but a good day anyway. Visited the National park and bird sanctuary. Millions and birds, and millions of birds … means one hell of a smell. Wicked trip though especially seeing the seals and sea lions. Then a drive around the park, which I can only describe as being closer to driving on the moon. Sand dunes for miles, amazing views and miles of the coastline. A spot of dish water, err sorry soup was followed by a nice cool off in the Pacific by the English speakers while the Spanish, Argies and Peruvians watched on in confusion, horror and laughter. Yep pretty cold in there and standing on sea urchins hurts.

Monday at last! The first week has felt quite long and drawn out as not aloud to teach yet, but today is the day. As typical we are late (The Spanish Way). First mornings lesson was with the schools teachers showing them the working of computers, which they already know and then teaching them about a Telefonica learning programme for kids. But at 11 we finally got our own class for sports. 22 seven and eight year olds out in the baking sun trying to teach them varying games and sports. Not at all easy when all they want to do if jump on you, nick your hat or generally not listen at all. But funny it was indeed, teaching them football skills and the like went out the window in about 30 seconds flat along with the rest of our lesson plan.

But the big hit of the day was British Bulldog with both our sport classes, in with both classes grew as kids kept leaving their own classes and joining in. Incredibly funny to watch and they loved it when we joined in and did the catching. Its amazing to see how so little means so much to these kids, always got a smile on their face, always wanting to speak to you and play. All in all the first day was wicked and just looking forward to every other day and the new and more then likely events that will unfold.

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