By Zoe Hominick, Head of SMB Marketing at O2

I’ve just spent an hour with our 4G experts in O2’s Bond-like testing labs. Located at a secret underground complex under Central London, they took my 3G phone and turned it into one able to access a 4G network. It only took a couple of minutes. So, how did they do it? With a nifty piece of technology we’re calling Pop Up Office.

Pop Up Office gives businesses the ability to create their own 4G hotspot. It’s a great solution if you have a variety of people or devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones – even if they’re not 4G-enabled) that need online access outside of the office. It works by using 4G to create a mobile wifi network that up to 10 people can access.

4G enabled Pop Up Office offers speed, and the ability to upload or download large files when you don’t have a reliable wifi or fixed broadband connection. That makes it ideal for temporary shops, festivals, exhibition stands, construction sites, or when you’re visiting an office with no guest wifi access.

The 4G mobile hotspot is the size of a standard mobile phone and will be available from mid-September 2013. It comes with a choice of tariffs, a 30-day (sim only) rolling contract or a 24-month contract, which includes a free device.

We’ve created a short video, which shows Pop Up Office in use.

4G service available in selected areas with 4G coverage. Check for details. 4G speed will vary depending on location and number of people using the service.

All 4G tariffs and propositions will be subject to terms and conditions. 

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