Angry-birds Angry Birds has taken the world by storm with the game flocking to almost every platform and Angry Birds iPhone cases flying off the shelves not to mention the Angry Birds board game which is on the way. But what are the alternatives?


If you’ve played your way through Angry Birds, there are games which are just as addictive, waiting to be your new obsession. We’ve rounded the best ones up for you.

Axe In Face (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) 

£0.59 | iTunes 

Casting you as a violent but ultra-sensitive viking protecting his flower patch, Axe In The Face will appeal to fans of Plants Vs. Zombies with excellent gameplay that finds you flinging your axe to behead your enemies. Axe In Face has really fun graphics and a nice difficulty curve so you won’t find yourself stuck on any one level for too long. There’s also support for Apple’s Game Center so you can boast about your achievements. 

Infinity Blade (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) 

£3.49 | iTunes 

This hack and slash adventure is easily the best iPhone game ever. It uses the Unreal 3 engine to deliver stunning visuals and the gameplay is brilliant. Fighting a series of baddies on the road to a confrontation with the evil God King, you’ll find yourself struck down by him initially, immediately returning as a new bloodline of your character retaining the armour and weapons you’ve earned along the way. Infinity Blade is hands down brilliant and also supports Apple’s Game Center. 

Max And The Magic Marker (Windows Phone 7) 

£4.38 | Max And The Magic Marker 

Max and the Magic Marker arrives on Windows Phone 7 from the Wii where it was a throughly enjoyable little adventure puzzle game – one of the best in fact. It has a gentle learning curve and charming animation with the move from Wiimote to touchscreen achieved with aplomb.

Dynamo Kid (Android, iPhone, iPod touch)

£varies | Orange Pixel 

Dynamo Kid is a really clever little platform game which has you drawing your own platforms to jump on as you progress through levels, whilst tapping the screen to nix enemies. It’s a great premise and makes for a very addictive game. 

Pocket Racing (Android)

£1.89 | Android Zoom 

Another ingeniously made Android game, Pocket Racer has the simplicity of Mario Kart combined with a great feature where you can download opponents from the web with the most successful racers having their performances recorded. 

Guns’n’Glory (Symbian) 

From £free | Nokia Series 

A Wild West adventure crammed into a tower defence game, Guns’n’Glory is one of the best new Symbian games we’ve seen. There are lots of great puzzles to play with as you assemble your gang of cowboy novel sterotypes from gunslingers, insane Mexicans and noble Indians. 


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Got a favourite Angry Birds alternative which isn’t on our list? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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