Angry-birds We love Angry Birds on our devices, so much so that we've had to ration out our games so we actually get some work done. Now after Angry Birds plush toys (which didn't excite us that much), a new Angry Birds distraction is on the card…literally. 

Angry-birds-knock-on-wood The Angry Birds Knock On Wood board game is arriving in May 2011 and it looks amazing. Based on the smartphone game Knock on Wood takes those furious feathered creatures and problematic pigs into the realm of real 3D. You'll be able to fire the plastic birds from a catapult at the fortified pigs with one player pulling a mission card and the second player building the structure it shows. You'll then have to knock it down as quickly as possible to win points. 

The Angry Birds Knock On Wood box will come with three Angry Birds figurines, four pigs, one slingshot, 14 building blocks and 56 mission cards. We've no doubt that more figurines and mission cards packs will swiftly follow. Angry Birds Knock On Wood will cost $14.99 (about a tenner) when it arrives in May of this year. It reminds us of childhood Mousetrap games so we're definitely buying a set. 

Check out Electricpig for more hands on pics of the new game.

Hit the comments and let us know: will you be buying an Angry Birds Knock On Wood set or has Angry Birds flown too far?


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