Keeping track of what you’re spending can be difficult, but your mobile can help. That’s why we’ve launched O2 Money, a new way of bringing your money and your mobile together.

O2 Money is all about bringing you new and clever ways to manage your money, so it’ll work wonders for anyone who has ever felt unsure about how much they’re spending. We’re working with NatWest to launch our first two O2 Money products, two pre-paid Visa cards called Load and Go and Cash Manager.

Both cards are completely free, exclusive to O2 customers and will send you text updates every time money is spent. As the cards are pre-paid, you can only spend what has already been loaded on to the card. That means saying goodbye to being stung for going overdrawn and hello to instant balance updates by text.

Cash Manager_latest

Our Cash Manager card has been designed for people who want to keep their disposable income separate from regular outgoings like rent, a mortgage and bills. The card can be loaded up online either regularly or by one-off transfers. It works exactly like a normal debit card and you’ll pay no special fees from using it, apart from certain ATMs which charge everyone to withdraw money. You can load up to £10,000 a year onto a Cash Manager card.


Meanwhile, the Load and Go card is all about providing young people aged 13 or over with an easy way of managing their money. The card can be loaded up by parents either online or at one of over 20,000 locations across the UK. It gives children the benefits of being able to shop online and on the high street, although the card won’t work in places like online gambling sites. The Load and Go card also comes with built in Chip and Pin security, making it more secure than coins and notes. The Load and Go card can hold up to £1,800 in a year.

Both O2 Money cards will be available through our O2 Money site from mid-August. To find out more about the cards, check out our video below or visit our media centre.


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