Iphone-v-android Whilst there’s now a plethora of smartphone platforms to choose from, two global giants are racing ahead in the sprint for top slot. Apple, with it’s rather sleek approach offers a fuss-free, joined-up approach to running your smartphone. Android, on the other hand comes with a world of openness and options. So, which one would you choose?


Whilst some might love the open approach of Android, others will hate it. We’ve rounded up a selection of questions which should help you work out which of these two smartphone behemoths will find a happier home in your pocket.  

1. Where do you get most of your movies from?

a) I predominantly download things from Amazon or iTunes. I’m not one for messing around with video formats.

b) I rip DVDs and buy my movies and TV shows from lots of different places. I know my h.264 from my .Flac and I’m proud of it.

c) The cinema.

2. Do you find yourself craving extra storage space on your phone and perhaps a slide out keyboard?

a) Nope. I’ve never filled my onboard storage and keyboards are for squares!

b) Yes. I like a keyboard for bashing out longer emails and a microSD card is always welcome.

c) I only need a number pad. It’s a phone, after all.

3. What do you plan to mostly use your phone for?

a) Listening to music, downloading games, checking my email, that kind of thing.

b) Making phone calls, trying out new software and messing about with documents.

c) The clue is in the name. Phoning people.

4. Do you like installing themes and cusomising your phone?

a) No. I like it to just work and keep customisations limited to my wallpaper and lock screen.

b) Hell yes, I love being able to mess about and tinker with my phone.

c) The last thing I installed was a washing machine. And that leaks.

5. Are features like wireless music synching and the ability to load any application important to you?

a) Not really, I don’t mind plugging my phone in to sync it and would rather know every app has been checked before I put it on my phone.

b) I like picking my own apps and don’t want to have to be tethered to my computer to update my music.

c) I think not.

6. Are you a major Gmail user and fan of Google apps in general?

a) I like Gmail and other Google tools but I’m not obsessed with them.

b) I live and breathe Google and am tied to my Gmail account.

c) You mean the search engine?

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Mostly A:

You’d be most happy with an iPhone 4. You want a phone that keeps things simple and lets you get the apps you want easily. The iPhone 4 does that with beautiful hardware and simple software that is updated every now and then with a major update.

Mostly B:

You’re a new recruit to the Android army. You want the choice of phones that Android offers and are willing to do a bit of research to find interesting apps as well as downloading the ones that seem most interesting in the Android Market. You’re a tinkerer who’ll learn all about your Android phone’s ins and outs. 

Mostly C:

We’ll have another quiz for you shortly. It will have nothing to do with phones.

So, are you a fully signed up member of the Android army or part of the iPhone-o-scenti? Or neither. Let us know in the comments below.

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