If you’re strapped for cash and are once again worried about missing out this weekend, we want to let you know about a green way to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Well at least not for another weekend.

Most people have a “junk drawer” filled with broken electrical goods, ancient mobile phones and gadgets long-ago forgotten. Have you ever thought about how much those never to be used again gadgets could be worth? O2 Recycle offers you a chance to be good to the planet AND make some dosh on the side.

We understand that many of you suffer from fear of missing out – FOMO. This fear of missing out is worse than ever now that we can see exactly what our friends are up to at any moment of the day thanks to social networking sites. In fact if you type in #FOMO on twitter you will see just how many people are victims of this new phenomenon. The FOMO disorder group on Facebook also has over 10,000 likes.

So to stop you from feeling the effects of FOMO in the future we’ve come up with a couple of examples of how you can turn your useless gizmos into previously lost experiences.

A couple of examples
We want to make it clear exactly what you could have been doing this weekend, if you had have just emptied that junk drawer and visited O2 Recycle.

A festival
Summer isn’t the same without a weekend spent dancing in wellies, and soaking up the atmosphere at one of the many festivals across the UK. This weekend there are options to cater to everyone’s tastes, from London’s electronic SW4 to Leed’s Rock Festival. Make sure next time you’re in the photos posted by your mates by recycling:

  • Apple Iphone 2G 16gb – £45.00
  • Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (4th Gen) – £32.00
  • Sony S980 (Camera) – £15.00
  • GRAND TOTAL: £92

With £92 you could have bought yourself a day ticket to Leeds festival with £9.50 left to spare. Or you could have paid £50 to dance away your Sunday at SW4 and spent the rest on transport, food and drinks.

A weekend away
You can’t beat a weekend strolling the English beaches, eating fish & chips and 99ers, and drinking cream teas. It might not be the Caribbean but it certainly has its charm. This is how to ensure that next time it’s your partner that’s checking you in at your B&B on foursquare.

If you were to have recycled:

  • Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (4th Gen) – £32.00
  • Apple iPod Touch 16GB 4th Gen – £33.00
  • Samsung i900 Galaxy S (phone) – £170.00
  • Nokia 6303 (Phone) – £15.00
  • GRAND TOTAL : £260.00

With £260 you could have gotten yourself and a mate or other half to your nearest seaside resort and paid for a B&B.

How do I do it?
We know it’s too late to get your unloved gadgets recycled for this long weekend but we want to show you just how much you can earn by going green. Not only are you doing something for the planet but doing something for yourself. It’s as simple as visiting our website O2 Think Big or O2 Recycle to register your gadget, sending it over to us and getting paid!

And just so you know, O2 don’t take a penny from O2 Recycle; Any money that is made is donated towards our Think Big initiative to help turn around lives of young people across the UK.

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