Craving Cash Manager? Loving Load & Go? Great news – if you’re an O2 customer you can now apply for your very own O2 Money card, completely free.

Our O2 Money site has changed overnight and is now accepting applications for O2 Money cards. Remember, the cards are completely free to O2 customers and don’t come with any fees, ever, apart from certain ATMs which charge everyone to withdraw money or if you use it abroad.

The two cards on offer are Cash Manager and Load & Go. Not sure which one you want? Don’t worry – here’s a bit of information about the two cards.

Our Cash Manager card has been designed for people who want to better manage their money by keeping their disposable income separate from regular outgoings like rent, a mortgage and bills. Simply load your disposable spending money onto the Cash Manager card and you’ll always know how much you have with real time balance text alerts, plus you can never spend more than has been put on the card. You can load up to £10,000 a year onto a Cash Manager card.

Meanwhile, the Load & Go card is all about providing young people aged 13 or over with the benefits and freedom of a Visa card but with safeguards to reassure their parents. The card can be loaded up either online or at one of over 20,000 locations across the UK. It gives young people the benefits of being able to shop online and on the high street, although the card will be blocked from use in places that sell over 18 products or services, like online gambling sites for instance. We’ll write a letter to parents to let them know their child has applied for a card. The Load & Go card also comes with built in Chip and Pin security, making it more secure than coins and notes. You can load up to £1,800 in a year.

To apply for a card, head to

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