One of the perks of my job is that I get to experiment with all the latest tech before it hits the high street. For the last couple of months, it’s been the Asus VivoTab™ Smart.

It’s a great all-rounder – a stylish, unassuming 10.1-inch tablet that packs the punch of the full Windows 8 operating system.

It speaks for itself that I’ve not switched my antique laptop on once since using it. The VivoTab’s got all the features of Windows. And the optional Bluetooth keyboard makes writing and editing documents just as easy.

This Windows tablet is a great option for businesses that are considering whether to replace their laptops with tablets. While there are many other good tablets on the market, if they don’t have the built-in Windows operating system, you’ll still need to invest in laptops.

I’ve been really impressed with the performance of Lync 2013 on the Asus. I did an hour’s video presentation to a customer from my home in north Lincolnshire to our office in Slough a while back. The session saved over £65 in fuel costs, as well as the cost of seven hours of my time for the round trip. I reckon I only need to do one more of these and the Asus will have paid for itself. Now that’s a return on investment.

And it’s 4G-ready

The fact that it’s 4G-ready makes the VivoTab perfect for remote working and collaboration. We’ve got a range of 4G data tariffs for you to choose from, so you’ll benefit from lightning-quick upload and download speeds.

Just imagine the time and money businesses could save by equipping sales teams, repair workers, construction teams or nurses with instant access to all the information they need. Things like training manuals, CADs and the ability to talk to specialists through videoconferencing.

We’ve put together a few examples of how 4G could help your business work smarter. If you’re interested, take a look here.

You may not be quite ready to replace your corporate laptops with tablets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from 4G. With a 4G dongle, you can plug in for instant access whenever you need it. And it turns into a wifi hotspot that up to ten other people can access (they won’t need 4G to benefit).

We can help you decide which tablet is right for your business, and explain the ins and outs of 4G.

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