O2 announced today that Be, its wholly-owned broadband unit and one of the most innovative and technically-advanced UK broadband networks, has triumphed in an independent speed test round-up. Thinkbroadband.com found that, on average, Be customers were enjoying speeds 127% higher than those of their closest competitor*.

One customer who lives 443 metres from his exchange is enjoying a broadband connection speed of 24.573 meg, the fastest available. Graham Wilson from Wishaw in North Lanarkshire said: ‘Speeds are phenomenal, from a good download location speeds between 22 and 24 meg are easily obtainable, Pings to gaming servers are low and this helps give me the winning edge over competitors.’ Since launching and first breaking the speed record in September 2005, over 49% of Be members have a connection speed higher than 12 meg, more than five times the average UK download speed recorded in the Thinkbroadband.com speed test round-up*. 25% of Be members enjoy speeds of over 16 meg and across the entire membership the average upload speed is 1.125 meg. ‘This means the UK is one of the fastest places in Europe for broadband and demonstrates how advanced the Be network has become.’ said Dana Pressman, Managing Director of Be Unlimited. ‘Since launching in 2005 we have focused on our goal: to provide the best possible broadband products that technology will allow.’

Be recently launched Annex M as standard for Be Office users. Annex M increases the upload speed to a potential 2.5 meg. The upload speed record for a member using Annex M is 2.49 meg. Be was the first internet service provider to adopt the ADSL2+ technology. Depending on distance and quality of the copper line from the telephone exchange and other environmental factors ADSL2+ can provide speeds of up to 24 meg. Since launching, Be has pushed the technological boundaries and provided members with simple, cheap, reliable internet access at the fastest speeds the UK infrastructure can deliver. To join the broadband revolution, customers simply need a BT telephone line that is connected to an exchange in which Be has installed their ADSL2+ equipment. Be’s broadband service starts at £14 per month, and includes a free wireless Be Box modem. To order Be’s 24 meg broadband, and check availability, go to BeThere.co.uk

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