Blackberry-curve-9380If you’re looking for a stunningly stylish smartphone that combines the rock-solid usability and market-leading features of a BlackBerry handset, with the great touchscreen usability of the best Android and iPhone devices, then the BlackBerry Curve 9380 from O2 is definitely the right device for you.

With its gorgeous 3.2-inch touchscreen, feature-packed specification and unbeatably intuitive interface, the BlackBerry Curve 9380 is one of the best smartphones you can currently buy and there are some amazing deals on offer right now at O2, starting at as little as £13.50 per month.

To celebrate the success of the BlackBerry Curve 9380 and to help you get a better idea of just what it can do for you, we’ve brought together some of the best review quotes we’ve seen so far. If one thing is for certain, the great BlackBerry Curve 9380 is yet another winner for the BlackBerry range.

“…the BlackBerry Curve 9380 is positioned as RIM's entry level touchscreen BlackBerry, [and] it delivers all of the experience of the bigger and better heeled BlackBerry Torch 9860…Final verdict? The BlackBerry Curve 9380 is by far the best touchscreen Curve to date!”

“Given its price point we think that the BlackBerry Curve 9380 will do really well. It offers a similar level of functionality to the more expensive BlackBerry Torch 9860, but for a smaller price tag, bundling NFC capabilities in for good measure.”

“The BlackBerry Curve 9380 is gloriously comfortable…[and] the social networking integration is well thought out and appealing.”

“…RIM has built an excellent device, the Curve 9380 does everything right: it’s premium-feeling, fast and stable, with a nice big screen and sleek design.”

“..the Curve 9380 is most definitely a phone perfectly fit for those looking for a reliable BlackBerry experience at a cost that won’t break the bank.”

“…right now, the Curve 9380 is the cheapest, totally touchscreen BlackBerry out there that [has] some pretty cool features to offer.”
“Anyone looking to update their [BlackBerry] Curve for a touchscreen device will find the 9380 offers a comfortable and familiar option.”

With such a great response from the press, as well as the pedigree of owning a BlackBerry device, there’s no doubt that the BlackBerry Curve 9380 is a fantastic smartphone for all requirements. You can pick up this gorgeous handset right now at our shop, so why not visit the O2 shop and find out just what it can do for you today.

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