Our Free O2 Bluebook service is fast becoming indispensable for our customers. Who can blame them when you might drop your phone out of a hot air balloon?

Alright, the chances of dropping your phone out of a hot air balloon are quite low, but tell that to our Twitter buddy @alextrafford. Or try telling @DebiCoco that it’s not very often that your phone disappears in a foam party!

We’ve seen huge numbers of people sign up to our free mobile back-up service O2 Bluebook – we’re now storing over 20 million contacts for our customers! We’ve also saved 25 million picture messages and more than 3.5 billion texts, all of which can be downloaded back to your new mobile phone after it all goes wrong with your old one.

If you’d like to register for Bluebook, head to our Bluebook site. You’ll get all your text and picture messages backed up whatever phone you have, however if your phone supports it we’ll also back up your phone contacts. You can check to see if your phone’s supported at our Bluebook checker.

In the meantime, here are our favourite stories from Twitter mobile phone mishaps – thank you to everyone who sent them in. We’re on Twitter as @o2, by the way, so follow us if you’d like to chat!

yeisonospina: Dropped it in a hole in someone’s sofa – didn’t find it for over a year till they looked inside! And another one in my girlfriend’s car after a night out

munkimatt: My mate tried to prove my 5210 was indestructible and threw it out a window. It ended up in eight pieces

booonie: I’d had my iPhone for three weeks before it slipped out of my top pocket and fell into some gloss white paint

beckslayer: I went to the loo on the plane – my phone fell in and went through the metal flap. I wasn’t going to fish that out!

Lendmeyoureyes: My phone flew out of my car window on a roundabout and went straight under the wheels of a nearby bus

Arepeejee: I nearly lost my phone on a rollercoaster – it ended up wedged in a tiny gap

Darkmonkey: I dropped mine into the Thames off Waterloo Bridge after a crow scared me

Daeda1us: I thought I’d lost mine on a night out until my boot started ringing. I thought it had become self aware

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