The world’s most complex graffiti has appeared, set in the form of code, with an incredible image of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing dominating its landscape. The first of a set that will appear across the country,  all imagery will feature legendary code breakers and technological minds of past and present.

The eye-catching graffiti contains as yet undeciphered binary decimals, challenging all who come across it to break one of the oldest forms of secret communication and work-out exactly what it means.

Commissioned by Campus Party, one of Europe’s biggest technology festivals and school for code-cracking, anyone who successfully deciphers the code can enter it on the website (HERE), to have the chance to win two tickets to attend the event.

Mixing raw graffiti with complex binary decimals, these visual contradictions are set to spring up in London, Birmingham and Bristol as we work our way towards the launch of Campus Party at The O2 on 2 September.

It’s no surprise that Alan Turing should be the face to convey the first graffiti of the series, given that he’s widely considered to be the father of computer science and is famed for his techniques to decipher code during World War Two. August also marks the 75th anniversary of the Government Code and Cypher Schools (GC&CS) arrival at Bletchley Park. Turing led this team, who went on to break the Enigma code.

Much like the main protagonist of the artwork, Campus Party will see some of Europe’s finest minds descend on the UK for the unique festival between 2-7 September. The event will excite over 5,000 young people per day about the possibilities of new and emerging digital and technological trends. Campus Party is aimed at people interested in digital technology and how it is helping to define and shape modern culture and society, as well as tech-preneurs, hackers, developers, gamers and geeks.

The graffiti images will be placed across the country each week from the 3rd August onwards. There will also be additional opportunities to decipher the code online through the Campus Party website,, where all the imagery will be housed ready to be broken, with plenty more tickets to be won.

Holly Marshall, O2’s Campus Party Manager said: “Deciphering code has long been a role for some of the greatest minds the world has ever produced. At Campus Party we want to bring skills such as code breaking to the masses, broadening the digital skill base in the process.

“Campus Party is an event that will help educate and inspire  people from across Europe. It will feature a huge range of free support services, including advice from how to get your foot on the career ladder to how a business can succeed on Facebook.

“This unique graffiti gives a taste of what we can expect to see during the festival, whilst providing a talking point that resonates and intrigues our key tech-savvy community.

“Coding is only the tip of the iceberg as our world becomes increasingly digital. With the launch of 4G on O2 this summer the chances to immerse ourselves in the digital landscape will only increase.”

The festival will feature some of the world’s most inspirational science and technology communicators who will be set the challenge of debating the biggest issues impacting our shared digital future. A massive digital skills marketplace will sit at the heart of the festival alongside 8 stages, over 100 speakers and over 500 hours of content across five action-packed days.

Find out more information on the graffiti, to try and break it or to purchase tickets for Campus Party visit:

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