Angry-birds-pig First we had Angry Birds on our phones, then it came to the PC and Mac but now, Angry Birds is going for world domination. Read on to find out why Angry Birds will be unavoidable in 2011 with real-life games, TV series, sequels and, amazingly, a battle with Mickey Mouse…

Angry Birds take aim at Mickey Mouse

It’s the app equivalent of John Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus quip”. At a conference in the US recently, Peter Vesterbacka, boss and Mighty Eagle at Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, declared that the game was bigger than Micky Mouse and that it intends to stay that way. His argument was supported by the sheer volume of internet searches for Angry Birds and the number of copies of the app shifted across multiple platforms. To put the success of Angry Birds into context: Barbie (invented in 1959) has managed to reach 1 billion units shipped in its 61 years. The first 1 billion selling app will arrive this year and Apple has shifted 10 billion apps since it launched the iTunes App Store. In 2010, 200,000,000 minutes were whittled away playing Angry Birds in the US alone.


Angry Birds for real

Angry-birds-catapult As well as Angry Birds plush toys, Angry Birds is getting real in game form with Angry Birds Knock On Wood. The game with real blocks, pigs, a catapault and a selection of Angry Birds will arrive in May for just under £10 with more Angry Birds board games on the way. An Angry Birds catapult has already been spotted at this week at the London toy fair. The Angry Birds Knock On Wood game reminds us of Mousetrap which can only be a good thing.

Angry Birds TV series

Angry Birds is also becoming a multimedia affair. As well as the board game, an Angry Birds animated series is now in production. Rovio has got the series into its late stages but so far we’ve not seen how those Angry Birds and problematic pigs will be characterised on screen.

Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Valentines

Angry Birds 2 has already been confirmed by Vesterbacka. He says it won’t be a direct follow up to the current game but instead feature more action from the pigs as well as enhancements to the Angry Birds. He told BBC Newsbeat:

“Let’s say that you will see a lot more of the pigs. [They] will be a lot more active than just being slingshotted at by birds.”


You can expect to see Angry Birds 2 arrive across several platforms including iPhone, iPad and Android.


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Before we see Angry Birds 2 though, we’ll see another spinoff in the vein of the Angry Birds Halloween with Angry Birds Valentines set to drop in February. Reports from Germany say the new game features pink birds, a pink background and the pigs building heart-shaped defences!

Have you become an Angry Birds addict? Let us know below and if so, how long you spend playing it.


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