Peter Drucker, the revered management guru, described the craft of business management as “a restless dissatisfaction with the status quo”.

But sometimes, it’s hard to look up from your focus on the day-to-day. You need something to give you a jolt out of your thinking habits and inspire you to try some fresh ideas.

So we’ve started a national campaign that we’re calling Talking Points. We’re literally getting down on the streets – and railway platforms, bus stations and shopping centres – and starting conversation with the real experts: shoppers, passengers and citizens. In other words, your customers.

It’s not a research exercise. It’s more of a creative free-for-all, where we film people on location, sharing their opinions and ideas about their shopping experiences, their journeys to work, or their council services.

We’re looking for nuggets of inspiration – random comments that make all of us sit up and think. The kind of thing that could spark a significant change for the better, for us or for your organisation.

So if you’re experiencing a restless dissatisfaction with your status quo, stand by for some genuine food for creative thought. And look out for a Talking Point near you – we’ll be publishing the first locations soon.

You can also find out more by visiting our website

And get involved. Follow the discussions on Twitter @O2BusinessUK, or search #O2ComeOnIn. Or simply leave a comment below.

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