Dell-Streak The Dell Streak is no ordinary Android device. Its expansive five-inch screen, brutish processor and a bevy of accessories make it the holy grail for tinkerers and Android enthusiasts. A host of eager owners have taken the tablet and put it to use in weird and wonderful ways you’d never expect. Read on, and discover five of the most ingenious.

Did you know the Dell Streak is a games console?

While there are plenty of games you can play on Android sans buttons, one enterprising hacker has given his Dell Streak a retro-flavoured gaming twist, by modifying a Super Nintendo controller to plug straight into it. You can see him run through a level of Super Mario World in the video above, and if you’d like to try it out, he’s even kindly provided step by step instructions.

Dell Streak turned into a laptop

You can pair the Dell Streak with any Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but by beautiful coincidence, the 5-inch tablet also happens to be a perfect match for Logitech’s diNovo Mini thumbpad, nestling right on top and closing up just like a mini laptop. You can type at speed, adjust the volume and use the touchpad as a mouse on the Streak’s screen. The keyboard even lights up in the dark so you can use it wherever you like: it’s a match made in gadget heaven.

The perfect partner on a long car journey

Kids won’t stop asking if you’re there yet? With a Dell Streak, a few wires and extra gizmos, you can prove to them that you’re not, by showing them where you are on Google Maps. This enterprising Dell Streak owner hooked his Android phone up to the car’s built-in TV screen to the little’uns could watch a movie stored on it.

This astonishing feat lets the driver send video around the car, stream music to surround sound speakers and even field phone calls from the dashboard, all courtesy of the Dell Streak’s multimedia prowess.

Use the Dell Streak as a chopping board

The Dell Streak is just 10mm thick, but it’s impressively solid too. The screen is made from Corning’s Navy SEAL-sturdy Gorilla Glass, to protect it from nicks and scratches. As the video above shows, it’s tough enough to withstand jabs from a pen, but thin enough to still look beautiful. Gorilla Glass is so tough in fact that you can rake a knife across it repeatedly to no effect, as this blogger does. We don’t recommend it ourselves. Do so at your own risk.

Dr Dell Streak will see you now

Dell may not have designed the Streak with hospitals in mind, but its healthcare division soon noticed that it slots rather smoothly into a labcoat. Dell Streaks are now commonplace in hospitals all over the US: the idea is that doctors can quickly pull up records through its 3G connection, keep things hygienic with Android’s intelligent voice commands, and even talk with patients through the front facing webcam over video chat.

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