O2-payg-facebook If you’re anything like us, Facebook will be your most-visited website. It ranks well above any other in our bookmarks, soaking up hours of online time and keeping our social circle perfectly in sync. 

Now though, O2’s letting you top up your mobile through Facebook, so you’ll have plenty of credit to keep in touch when you step away from the PC! 

Pete Waugh is the man in charge of top-ups at O2, overseeing the project to bring top-ups to Facebook. He explains “we’re making it easier for customers to top-up based on where they already are, rather than leaving Facebook, going to a store or going to a corner shop. We’re making it a lot easier.”

At O2, we want you to be free to spend your time connecting to the people, pages and photos you love on Facebook without any interruptions. If it’s where you’re spending your time, it’s where we want to help you. As Pete says, “social commerce is picking up pace, and who knows where it’ll go in the future, but this is the first innovation in top-up for quite some time.”

The technology behind Facebook top-ups is remarkably simple. There’s no need to worry about security or your credit card details being snooped upon, since the system uses all the same safeguards as the existing top-up system.

As Pete explains, “we’ve done a “lift and shift” of the top-up experience into Facebook. It’s got all of the same features, the pipe still links into O2. The shop window just happens to be Facebook. The card details, and all the steps that the customer goes through on Facebook are exactly the same as on our page.

“Top-ups by credit card still have to use Verified by VISA, so everything has the same security you’d expect from O2.”

And the future for O2 on Facebook? Pete is coy: “It’s the first service that we’ve dropped into Facebook. Will it be the last? Probably not. It just seemed to make sense. We’re always thinking about our existing customers.”

We’re keen to know what you’d like to do within the walls of Facebook next. Would you like to buy products and services inside our Facebook page? Maybe you’d love your entire life to take place in Facebook? Maybe you want Facebook to be a place just to talk to your friends? Let us know, so that we can react best to your needs. Either drop us a comment below, or write on the wall of our Facebook page.

Now, what’re you waiting for? Stop reading this site, and get back to your favourite one! Top up at http://www.facebook.com/o2uk

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