We’ve been around in social media now for a little while – we joined Twitter back in 2008 and Facebook not long after. We’re on Google+, too. We’re in over 45,000 G+ circles, being followed by over 76,000 tweeps and we’re heading towards the 500,000 'likes' mark on Facebook. That’s a lot of followers.

As much as we love coming up with stuff for our tweets and updates, we’ve decided that it’s a bit greedy to just keep all the fun to ourselves. So, just like in our new adverts, we’re thinking outside the little box that is the O2 social media team. This is where you come in…

Each week, we want to celebrate one of you, our followers. We’ll pick one follower from Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and make them our follower of the week. We’ll announce the winner across all our channels each Friday – and then the fun starts. We’ll hand over the reins and get you to come up with an update for Facebook, Twitter and G+ to see just how awesome your social media skills are. You’ll get to see the likes, retweets and +1’s flying in, for something that you’ve created.

To spice things up a little and add that competitive edge, we’ll measure the responses your post receives and award a random prize to the most popular one of each month.

And if that’s not enough for you, you’ll also have the option to write a guest post right here on our blog!

Obviously, if we’re letting you loose with our various pages, we’ll need to set some ground rules. Here they are:

  • Your posts need to somehow be linked to something O2 does, like mobile or broadband
  • It has to be clean (this is a family show) and not insult any person or company
  • We may need to tweak or edit some things before it goes live, but we’ll run the final edits past you before we plaster your name all over it
  • We’ll ask for entries on Thursday and pick a winner on Friday (we’ll chill on Sunday)
  • We’ll unleash your creation on the public on Thursday evening whenever possible, but if anything major’s going on that day, we might need to move it
  • The monthly prize will just be a bit of fun – nothing major. Even so, if you want to read the small print, it's HERE
  • If you’re on Twitter, we’ll feature your Twitter ID in our page banner for all to see.

So – how do you get in? Easy. To begin with, all we need from you is a reason why you should be our follower of the week, in 140 characters or less. You can submit them however you like – Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. If you’re using Twitter, tag your tweet with #O2FTW (see what we did there?) and we’ll pick the one we like the most.

That’s it. Get thinking – it’s over to you… quite literally.

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