They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Then again, they also say that about women too, so food's clearly important to every heart (and stomach!). We're building the ultimate Valentine's Day and would like your help to find that one meal that'll guarantee you a full stomach and a fluttering heart.

Thanks for all your suggestions on finding the right music for the ultimate Valentine's Day – we got some great ideas in. Now we want to know what to eat once we've got the song playing! If you could make – or buy – one thing to show your beloved (or someone you'd quite like to be your beloved) you care, what would it be?

We're looking for anything from the simple but romantic home-made meal to the huge and overblown no expense spared ultimate restaurant trip. As Eminem said, you've only got one shot so don't miss your chance to blow – we don't think he was talking about restaurant planning but we get his point.

Let us know your suggestions in the comments. We'd also love to hear what you've got planned at this romantic time – our quick office census reveals one person's off to a Chinese restaurant, another is buying a card for his wife, a third's currently negotiating his way through organising drinks with friends and a fourth is struggling manfully to find a romantic present. Can you do better? Tell us (and the world) below…

Update: The suggestions are in from Facebook and Twitter – if you're looking for a romantic meal why not try:

  • Strawberries and chocolate
  • Spaghetti with your fingers (brave – if you're trying this make sure you wear a bib!)
  • Chicken (or steak!) and chips
  • Cake with lashings of chocolate sauce
  • Humble pie (we suspect this may be from someone spending Valentine's alone…)
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