It´s 6.30pm local time, I think about 12.30am at home, and we´re just back from an afternoon of classes at the school.

The first class I had today was painting with Rachel (Uk), Vikki (Spain) and Lourdes (Argentina). It went really well and the children seemed to really enjoy it. The first part of the class was to teach them the primary and secondary colours and the difference between hot and cold colours and the second part was down to the messy business of painting using textures and patterns.

After the painting class and lots of tidying up I headed off for an english class with Rachel and the only word that can be used to describe it is pandemonium! We pushed the tables back so that we could do some group games with them, and it created mayhem. They were very excitable because they weren´t at their desks and the teacher had gone home, and the first thing the boys did was to start play fighting, as they do.

My voice is sore from trying to shout over them but eventually we got them to quiet down for a verse or two of Heads. Shoulders, Knees and Toes, which is definitely the most popular song with all the classes. We tried Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but I think it was a little too boring for them.

Going home from the school is the hardest part because you want to stay there with the kids and play cause that´s all they want to do. They´re very affectionate too, always wanting to give you a kiss and a hug and on Monday one of the little girls gave us all rings as a little present. They´re just so sweet and so kind and generous for children that don´t have alot and sometimes I forget what they all went through with the earthquake.

In a computer class on Monday one of the boys, Carlos, googled images of the earthquake to show me what it looked like and it was very sad because he was 7 when it happened and told me that he remembers everything that happened. Then he started to look up Pokemon, which wasn´t as sad and distracted both of us for the better.

Tomorrow morning we have a class to teach the kids about the environment and how to make their own little garden that they can look after. The project is called ´TINI´(Tierra para los Ninos) and the idea is to teach them how they can make a difference and look after their envirnoment for themselves and others. We had a class for the volunteers this morning about what it involves and how to help motivate and explain to the children how they can get involved. I think it will be really interesting and fun for them, and I´m really looking forward to the morning.

Hasta Pronto,

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