Fly-half Freddie Burns will pull his England boots on for a fifth time against New Zealand in the third and final Test in Hamilton on Saturday.

A tour across the other side of the world after a long season requires plenty of patience, so we asked the Leicester-bound number 10 about what keeps him sane during the long journeys.

Q: How do you unwind when you’re travelling on tour?

A: There are various ways but I normally get on the bus, put the headphones on and just relax.  A lot of the younger guys get on their iPads and play their games or watch films, while the older boys at the back tend to play card games.

Q: What’s your favourite piece of technology when you’re on tour?

A: It’s probably my iPhone. I use it all the time: it’s good for Twitter and for keeping in touch with friends and family, but then you’ve got games and other stuff. I don’t read much but when I’m travelling I find that I can’t read books so I usually carry an iPad with me so I can watch a film.

Q: What are your favourite TV series?

A: I dip in and out, I’m not someone who gets hooked on box sets. I think the last ones I really got into were Californication and Prison Break. But it’s a big commitment to download a whole series so I usually just stick to getting one film at a time.

Q: How about music? What albums are you listening to at the moment?

A: I’m really into my music but it’s probably quite a strange mix. Sometimes I’ll be listening to mainstream stuff and then I’ll stick on a bit of Frank Sinatra or Queen! When I’m travelling, the Passenger album is one I really love. It’s really chilled out and you can just kick back. I put that on when I want to nod off!

Q: What’s your favourite album of all time?

 A: Being my age, it’s more about just singles and downloads to be honest! There’s the Passenger album and I like a bit of Jamie Cullum to chill out to, but album-wise it’s probably Ultimate 80s or something like that, which is a bit tragic!

Q: Which computer games are you into?

A: I’ve got a PlayStation 4 at home and I love a game of Fifa but I don’t really get the whole Call of Duty thing. I’m not quick enough: I can see them but I can’t shoot them so I end up being a stealth hitman!

Q: Do you have competitions as a squad on different games?

A: There’s always a PlayStation or an Xbox lying about, but it’s probably more pool and table tennis. If I remember rightly Courtney Lawes was very good at ping pong during the RBS 6 Nations… me, not so much. I’m mid-table to relegation zone when it comes to the table tennis rankings. It all depends on whether I can be bothered to get my eye in. If I don’t I start trying all these trick shots that never work.

Q: How do you stay in touch with your loved ones when you’re on tour?

A: It’s horses for courses. With my parents it will probably be a few text messages and a phone call but if you’re on social media then you can stay in touch that way as well. I’ve got a brother out in Afghanistan so it will be interesting to see how I stay in touch with him – we normally talk quite a lot.

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