It's Friday. That means only one thing – time to waste some time. We've wasted our morning rounding up a series of videos so you can waste your afternoon watching them. There's a nice variety, so stick the kettle on and get stuck in….

Mad mountainbiker

If you've not quite got the courage to dash around a race track on a mountain bike, narrowly missing pedestrians and jumping down flights of steps, then watching this video means you don't actually need to do it but still get the thrill. Health warning – helmet cam might make you feel a touch queasy.

Muppets in Brighton

The famous Muppets* travelled all the way from Hollywood to perform a song in front of fans in Brighton. *cannot guarantee these are the real Muppets

Camino del Rey

Again, similar to the first video, some people do crazy things so that we don't have to. Climbing up a sheer face of a mountain and balancing on 4-inch wide beams is dangerous, but for anyone wanting to know what it looks like, press play.

Thumbs up cat

If Jimmy the cat likes something, he gives you the thumbs up, just watch the video for proof. He gets our approval, thumbs up.

Laughing baby

A baby laughing is always guaranteed to bring a smile to anybody's face. This baby finds the ripping of paper hilarious. Cute.

Sao Paulo fans swimming

What to do if a torrential down pour causes heavy flooding? Sandbag your houses? Stay inside where it's dry? No. These guys took to a stadium to swim around the rows of seats. Amazingly, the match they were there to watch was still played.

The united kingdom and a whole lot more

So, think you know about the United Kingdom? Is it the same as Great Britain? This guy explains all, very quickly, so make sure you keep up. And he's not even from the United Kingdom. Or Britain. Or England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Or the British Isles. Or even the Commonwealth. Or, actually, we'd better let him explain….


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