Just over a week ago, we were welcoming the dawn of another year. Most of us were making promises to change our lifestyle, our look, our attitude – the list goes on. Sadly, it seems that most resolutions go unfulfilled. Until now…

Say hello to the Fitbug Orb. It’s a clever little gadget that monitors your diet, movement and sleeping habits, before feeding them into an app on your phone, tablet or (via an additional accessory) your computer., before KiK takes over.

KiK is your own digital coach – you tell it what you want to achieve and KiK will devise a series of targets for food, exercise and sleep that’ll help you towards hitting those goals. It tells you how you’re doing at a glance, or you can look in more detail at how you’re getting on. It’ll even serve up healthy recipes and expert advice to keep you at your best.

The Orb really lives up to its ‘wearable tech’ label, too – it’ll sit quite happily on your wrist or, if you prefer, you can wear it around your neck, on your belt, or even on your underwear.

The real difference between Fitbug Orb and other wearable tech, though, is the price. Normally priced at £45, it’s cheaper than its competitors – by half in some cases. And that’s not all. Until the end of January, you can get 25% off when you buy an Orb direct from fitbug.com. O2 customers can get the Priority app by texting MOMENTS to 2020, or clicking HERE.

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