Have you had one of our O2 Top Up Surprises yet? So far we’ve given away nearly two million prizes and network gifts, from free minutes and texts to things like PS3s and TVs. Don’t worry if you haven’t, we’ve got some inside tips on how you could improve your chances of winning a prize.

Just in case you haven’t heard, we’ve launched a great new promotion for all O2 Pay & Go customers called Top Up Surprises. It’s pretty simple – every time you top up, we text you a code that you enter on topupsurprises.o2.co.uk to receive a Surprise.

Of course, we’ll only text you the Surprises code if you’re up for receiving messages from us. If you aren’t getting these messages yet but want to, or if for some reason you don’t want to be in with a chance to win our prizes, simply call 2220 and you can easily opt in or out.

Anyway, here’s a couple of things we’ve learned after a month of running Top Up Surprises.

  • Our star prize in November, the Mini Cooper S, went to a lucky customer who topped over the phone by calling 4444
  • One lucky customer who topped up £15 had to choose between two Gold Surprises – a PlayStation 3 and a year’s free top-up. A nice problem to have
  • Don’t forget to hit collect! Some customers have missed out and not received their Surprise as they didn’t hit the collect button after their Surprise has been revealed, so make sure you don’t miss out

OK, we’ve got to be honest. The way we give away prizes in our Top Up Surprises is totally random. That means it doesn’t matter if you top up at any of the places we’ve mentioned, whether you prefer going to your favourite local shop or if you top up using a bank card. What we do guarantee is that we are giving away millions of Surprises of all sizes every month and you will always get one!

The only real tips to bear in mind are that although everyone will get a Surprise when they enter their code online, if you top up £15 more you will get a Gold Surprise which gives you:

  • Two chances to win a prize rather than one. You can then choose either of the two Surprises you revealed.
  • A bigger selection of Surprises to choose from.
  • Ten times as many entries into the monthly prize draw. Great for those who want to go for the really big prizes!

Whatever you top up, everyone’s got a fair chance so best of luck. If you’ve received one of our Top Up Surprises, let us know in the comments below.

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