A few weeks ago we sent out a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a HTC HD7 to two of our Twitter followers. It’s part of our campaign to make reviews more social, and more normal. Want to review the phones after them? Here’s a review update!

First up, here’s an update on the…

Samsung Galaxy Tab – London
First let's show you what the Samsung Galaxy Tab can do, with this video.

  We sent our Samsung Galaxy Tab out to Luke Ingram in London who’s given us his verdict via tweets:

Samsung Galaxy Tab positives: Gorgeous design, lovely feel, perfect size, Android familiar GUI, easy set up, very portable. Negatives: terrible camera, slow CPU giving jittery graphics, needs a HD screen and a new version of Android.

Thanks for the review Luke! Luke also wins the prize for being the first to pass his phone on – here he is giving it to Tom Pestell…

Handing over the tab

And here’s Tom’s thoughts on the Tab:

I really like the Galaxy Tab. It gets a lot of attention! Best described as a phone for giants somewhere between an iphone & ipad. 7" screen great for viewing/reading yet small enough to take anywhere 🙂 BUT no HD and it feels like an apple imitation

The Tab then made its way to Gareth – here's the handover…


What did Gareth make of the Tab? Here's what he tweeted:

First impression – size looks good but surprisingly heavy. I think I'd be happy taking the Galaxy Tab out and about with me, unlike my iPad – too big. You can tell most android apps haven't been created with a tablet in mind – over-sized menus, vast text areas, user experience low. The screens a bit blocky when watching iplayer, but twitter for android looks nice on it. The galaxy tab fits in my coat pocket – portability++. Final thought on galaxy tab – hardware good, software bad. Mobile phone OS is not good on a tablet – wait for 10.1 with honeycomb.

Thanks Gareth – after giving his thoughts he wasted no time and passed it on to @catzrick


And how did she find using the Samsung Galaxy Tab? Well, here's what she had to say…

Just got my hands on the galaxy tab….sounds kinda hollow if you tap the back but there's like a whole little universe inside. Was running around in a jungle being a cyber soldier and everything just froze. sob. Successfully made a video call…to my friend in the same room. Oh the wonders of modern technology. Just ordered a pizza via text using the tab. NOM! Took me a while to find the reply though…it didn't appear when tapped 🙁

And when it was handed over? A tweet that really made us sad – "Bye-bye Galaxy Tab, sniff…"

Here's the Tab making its way to its new owner, Takski


Takski certainly put our Tab through its paces – here's all his tweets about using it:

First day with Galaxy Tab and a bit of an issue – no mobile data on O2. Not a good start. Right, got the Galaxy Tab working on wi-fi but still having mobile data problem with @O2…probably a settings tweak needed. I'm used to Swiftkey on my HTC Desire, but Swype's pretty cool on the Galaxy Tab – the larger screen helps. Galaxy Tab audio player seems easy to use – spinning Adele's 21.Sound w/ headphones good. With speakers a bit thin but decent. Galaxy Tab video playback seems ok – now trying iPlayer app. Resolution could be a tad sharper and it's a bit choppy. Using the Galaxy Tab on the move. Portable enough for coat pocket but the weight is deceptive for one hand to hold. Feels heavy.

Final thoughts on Galaxy Tab – nice, but got bored as existing Android user, experience not distinct or fresh. Oversized phone. With a longer commute (or one where I would get a seat) it'd be more fun. £470 for Angry Birds on the Tube is not good value.

Thanks Takski – and thanks for passing it on to its next home with @MrGarritano


We'll let you know his thoughts very soon!

HTC HD7 – Scotland
Here's a reminder of what the HTC HD7 looks like in action.

Cam Stewart started off with our HTC HD7 and after having a play with it passed it on to the next in line, iPodling


Here's iPodling's first thoughts on the HD7…

The edge around the HD7 is slightly raised, woe betide anyone who likes using screen covers! I should mention nice things! windows phone 7 is quite pretty and intuitive, I've yet to think 'so, how exactly do I…

We'll update this article as more reviews come in. In the mean time, if you’d like to review the Samsung Galaxy Tab or HTC HD7 and live near our current reviewers, please drop them a tweet and it might just be you next…

Also, if you’re new to our review program, here’s our original post for some more information.

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