Steve-Ringtone My house is a peaceful place, full of calming colours and twigs in vases I bought from IKEA, but last summer I welcomed a new member of the family through the door, and life hasn’t been the same since.

This new resident isn’t a fan of mobile phones. In fact, she hates them. Text alerts make her sit up with an indignant glare in her eye, while my mobile’s standard chirruping sends her into a rage of howling. Yes, my new flatmate is a dog. A dog allergic to my mobile.

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But it’s because of this four-legged phonephobe that I’ve rediscovered a love for ringtones. I’m now on a weekly cycle, looking for new noises that won’t start the mutt grumbling whenever somebody dials my number, and after initial annoyance I’m now obsessed with changing the tunes my handset blasts out every few hours.

At first I favoured pop songs. You might’ve seen our latest rundown of the hottest hits just itching for a place in your phone’s ringtone library. That worked for a while, but soon my hound was howling at the first few bars of the latest Foo Fighters track, Rope.

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So now I’m on to ambient noises. This particular pooch hasn’t quite learned the difference between a car honking its horn outside the house, and a ringtone that sounds just the same. It’s an ongoing battle of wits, but so far I’m remaining in the lead, all thanks to ringtones.

What’s your ringtone? Got any advice to help outsmart man’s best friend? Shout up in the comments section below.

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