After our successful Local Government Digital Forum Initiative (which you can read more about here) it was interesting to see that of the 57 bids submitted, 30 were ideas for developing mobile phone apps.

This is reflective of the opportunity in the Public Sector around digital technology, and the ability for apps to simplify processes and engage citizens. Apps provide Local Government with a simple and easy mechanism for citizens to interact with Council services. They can reduce the cost to serve, support council channel shift programmes and provide citizens with what they need, when and how they want it.

Councils stand to gain a lot from doing more with apps. So, to help share some inspiration, I took a look around to see what apps are already out there in the public domain and how they’re boosting the Public Sector.

Here are my five favourites:

This one goes to show that apps don’t always have to be serious. This one is great fun, engaging tourists and visitors to the City of York by giving them a guided tour with historic figures popping up on their mobile phones.

By Harlow City Council, this app uses a simple web form to enable citizens to validate that taxi cabs are properly licensed, keeping people safe.

With the slogan ‘care together from anywhere’, this app makes caring for people easier by simplifying communication between the people caring for a person.

This one is an answer to the prayers of many frustrated drivers – a real-time parking availability app that makes parking in central London a breeze.

Citizens can download this app for a simple way to report environmental issues easily to their local authority.

We’ve been working directly with a lot of inspirational projects ourselves too – here’s a video with Newcastle City Council, one of this year’s LGDF winners. They want to develop an app, SelfTrav, to help young people with special needs, and adults with learning disabilities, to become independent travellers. Using an app on a smartphone is not only inconspicuous for its users, but will help them build normality into their lives.

To see more about what we’ve been doing with the Local Government Digital Fund check out our website or read our whitepaper. And if you’ve got your own idea, get in touch with us to talk through making it a reality. Just call us on 01235 433 507 or speak to your Account Manager.

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