O2-recycleWith Christmas behind us and a New Year to look forward to, now’s a great time to pick up a new phone for the New Year with O2. And if you’ve got an old handset that you no longer need, then you can easily trade it in with the O2 Recycle and Pass It On schemes and save up to £260 when you buy your brand new O2 phone.

O2 Recycle is not only a great way to save money; it also helps the environment as well as young people across the country. Letting you trade in your old handset for as much £260, all money O2 makes goes to the Think Big program to be spent on environmental and community initiatives.

To find out how much you could get for your old phone, just visit O2 Recycle. All you have to do is enter the name and model of your handset in the easy to use drop down menu’s and you can get an instant quote on just how much you could save by recycling your old and unwanted handset with O2.

No matter what phone you want to recycle, there are some great savings to be had. For example, If you want to trade in an old iPhone 4 for the new iPhone 4S, then O2 Recycle could give you £238, while a second-hand Samsung i9000 Galaxy S could net you as much as £134 off your new phone.

And it’s not just mobile phones that you can trade in with O2 Recycle. If you have an old MP3 player, digital camera, handheld games console, sat-nav or tablet PC, you could trade them all in with O2 and use the cash to grab some great new gadgets and generously give back to your community.

And if you’d prefer to give your old phone to someone close to you, then O2 could still reward you thanks to the great O2 Pass It On Scheme. All you have to do is sign up to new phone on Pay Monthly with O2 and then give your old phone to a friend who is already an O2 customer or is planning to sign up.

Once you’re both signed up and connected, you just need to register your phone numbers with O2 at the O2 Pass It On page and then once your numbers are confirmed as being linked to active O2 accounts, O2 will add a £25 bill credit to both of your accounts, letting you save on your next O2 bill.

And whether you opt for the O2 Recycle or Pass It On scheme, O2 can also help you back up your data from your old phone and then delete it all from the handset to ensure privacy when you trade it in or give it to a friend. Just visit O2 Guru TV for more help, as well as hundreds of other great tips.

Providing a great way to save money and bag yourself a lovely new phone, while helping the environment and giving back to the community, the O2 Recycle and Pass It On schemes can help everybody. So why not visit O2 today to see just how much money you could save on your next phone?

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