Steve Alder, O2’s General Manager Devices, talks about the news that HP is buying Palm.

Steve Alder  Last night HP and Palm announced they’d agreed that HP would buy Palm for $1.2 billion or around £788 million. This is very good news. By being part of HP, Palm has the chance to become an even stronger player in what is a very competitive market.

When we first announced our exclusive relationship to sell the Palm Pre we talked about how exciting the webOS platform was and how it was a breakthrough in bringing information from lots of different places together. Even now, around ten months on from that day, webOS is still an innovative platform which offers one of the best customer experiences on any smartphone out there. With HP’s backing the webOS platform is likely to get a real boost in investment and scale.

Although HP haven’t announced specifically what products we can expect to see webOS used in, they have called it an ‘ideal platform’ and we look forward to seeing all the new and exciting devices that will emerge from this deal.

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