Htc-explorer-o2Packing a stunning 3.2-inch touchscreen, gorgeous design and the fantastic Google Android operating system, the HTC Explorer on O2 is a truly amazing smartphone. And with a huge range of great O2 tariffs to choose from, it’s never been easier to grab yourself this lovely HTC handset, so we’ve taken a look at the top five features that make the HTC Explorer so hard to beat.

HTC Sense

While the HTC Explorer is powered by Google’s fantastic Android OS, it provides a unique take on the every-popular operating system thanks to a proprietary HTC interface, dubbed HTC Sense. Adding an exclusive HTC-only slant on the Android OS, Sense provides a truly amazing user experience.

As well as delivering a great-looking and intuitive user interface, HTC Sense also adds a range of handy features, such as up to the minute weather reports, social network streams and a Wi-Fi hub, making the HTC Explorerideal for first-time smartphone users and experienced users alike. 

Easy shortcuts

If you want your phone to work as fast as you do, then the HTC Explorer is perfect for you. With its fully customisable interface, you can easily create handy one-click shortcuts to your favourite websites, music playlists and sat-nav locations, helping you use your phone faster than ever before.

And it’s not just shortcuts that make the HTC Explorer such a pleasure to use. If you’re web browsing and find a phone number or address that you want to call or look up, one tap of the screen is all it takes to dial the number or open a full-screen Google Map to get you right where you want to go.

Group your contacts

Keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues has never been easier than with the HTC Explorer. With its fantastic People Widget, you can enjoy quick and easy access to social network updates, texts and emails from each of your main contacts, all from a great-looking one-screen interface.

And when you want to reach out to your friends and family, the handy Groups feature makes it faster than ever. Letting you bunch your friends into easy to access Groups, you can send texts and emails to multiple recipients with just a single tap of the HTC Explorer’s gorgeous 3.2-inch touchscreen display.

Faster access

While most smartphones provide the most basic usability when the device is locked, the HTC Explorer gives you uninterrupted access to all of the features that matter most, putting your contacts, email, camera and text messages within easy one-swipe reach, directly from the phone’s lock screen.

And if you want to customise your shortcuts for even faster and easier usability, the HTC Explorer lets you do that too. Helping you set up your smartphone exactly how you want it, for the smoothest access to your favourite tools, it’s never been so easy to enjoy all your phone has to offer.

Save money

 And with so many great tariffs to choose from on our website, the HTC Explorer’s handy data tracking features helps you choose the best deal for you and makes sure you stick to your monthly usage limits, ensuring you don’t rack up extra costs and letting you enjoy the features of your smartphone for less.

By carefully monitoring your minutes, texts and data use, the HTC Explorer makes it easy to keep tabs on your monthly usage. And with a detailed history of the past three months usage within easy access, you can be sure to tailor your daily use to suit your existing tariff and stick to your monthly limits.

Providing great looks, stunning usability and truly unique features, the HTC Explorer is a fantastic smartphone, whatever your needs. And with prices to suit all budgets, this great handset is now more accessible than ever, so why not visit our shop today to see just what the HTC Explorer could do for you?

What do you think of the HTC Explorer? Are you already a satisfied user or are you keen to make the switch this great smartphone, or browse the many other high-quality Android handsets in our website? Why not let us know your thoughts in the Comments below?


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