HTC-Rhyme_3V_Plum1(2)Say hello to the HTC Rhyme, an Android smartphone with a twist. It’s not just your average touchscreen device running Google’s mobile operating system: it’s been designed to be as easy on the eyes as it is on the fingers. And to do that, it works with an unusual bunch of accessories…

Metal maven
This is no plain jane plastic handset: the HTC Rhyme is constructed from machined aluminium with a plum-coloured coating, giving it it a premium finish, as well as a seriously durable feel. Because the parts are slotted inside this, it’s ultra tough, without a hint of creakiness to be found – but it still weighs a mere 130g.

All new HTC Sense
HTC Sense, HTC’s clever and user-friendly interface running atop Android has been updated to version 3.5 on the HTC Rhyme, and it’s more intuitive than ever. The first time you log in, you’ll be presented with a brand new, streamlined homescreen that gives you all you need to know at a glance, from apps to messages and even the weather. The dock has been simplified to two easy buttons, Menu, and Call. It’s not lost any of its smarts however: it’ll let you know if it’s a friend’s birthday when they call, and automatically mute when you turn it over to silence calls.

Specs to turn heads
Style and specs in a smartphone rarely went together once upon a time, but they’re both present in the HTC Rhyme in abundance. The 3.7-inch S-LCD display is stuffed with pixels at a 480×800 resolution, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread is fueled by a super speedy 1GHz processor. You can even film HD video with the five megapixel camera.

Insane accessories
The HTC Rhyme has a charming accessory. Literally. Called the Charm, it’s a cube on the end of a cord that plugs into the headphone socket, and glows whenever you’re being called or have received a message. It’s ideal for handbags, and as a bonus, even helps you pull your phone out of your bag quickly with a tug.

There’s a whole suite of accessories for the Rhyme as well though. A docking station lets you plonk the phone down and charge without plugging in, doubling up as an alarm clock and stereo in the process. There’s also a Bluetooth stereo headset to be had (in matching plum hue of course), and even a sports armband so you can listen to music and track your miles in your workout.

Slick headphones
In the box, you get some smart sonics to accompany the HTC Rhyme: tangle free headphones. The flat wiring makes it nigh on impossible for them to get in a knot in your bag, so you can just pull them out, plug them in and start listening.

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