Htc-salsa-htc-chacha Meet the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha, two cheery Android smartphones that share the same nifty feature: a Facebook button. 

With a single press, you can quickly share whatever you’re thinking, or post a link to whatever you’re viewing or listening to. But if they’re both good for nattering on social networks, which should you go for? Read our primer and we’ll show you.

Are you a gaming god?

If you’re more likely to spend time on your phone playing Angry Birds and chasing those golden eggs than chatting with your friends, the HTC Salsa’s larger 3.4-inch screen is for you. The bigger display makes touchscreen controlled Android games easier to handle, so you’ll be able to rack up higher scores with less squinting. 

Of course, any game you can play on the HTC Salsa runs just fine on the HTC ChaCha too.

Then you need the HTC Salsa

Are you an e-mail obsessive?

While the finger-friendly capacitive touchscreen of the HTC Salsa makes typing out messages easy, there’s just no beating the HTC ChaCha’s QWERTY keyboard when it comes to word per minute count. It’s fast, tactile, and perfectly laid out, with dedicated punctuation mark keys, so that important work email you have to send can still be properly formatted.

Then you need the HTC ChaCha

Are you a voracious video viewer?

While both the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha share the same 480×320 screen resolution, it’s easier to watch videos on the Salsa’s bigger display. If you’re always checking out the latest viral videos and internet memes, load up the YouTube app, and you can stream anything straight to its roomy screen, kick back and unwind.

Then you need the HTC Salsa

Are you an instant messaging monster?

Both the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa come with a clever new Facebook Chat widget that lets you see who’s online and ready to talk, direct from your homescreen – something no other Android phone can boast. But of the two, it’s the ChaCha and its killer keyboard that’ll really have you bantering away on the double.

Then you need the HTC ChaCha

Are you a camera compulsive?

If you’re always sharing photos on Facebook, you really can’t go wrong with either the HTC Salsa or HTC ChaCha. Both come with a sharp, five megapixel sensor on the back (as well as a front camera for video chats), and a physical button for quickly loading the camera app. On the HTC Salsa, it’s a button of its own on the side, while a key on the HTC ChaCha’s QWERTY board loads it up just as quickly.

Then you need either!

Are you a Facebook fanatic?

Both the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa come with a subtle but helpful dedicated Facebook button. Tap it and you can write an update, hold it down and you can check into Facebook Places. Prod it when it’s glowing however, and you can share whatever you’re looking at or listening to, be it photo, video, website or song. It’s contextually savvy, and equally so on both phones!

Then you need either!

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