Htc-sensation-o2-blog The HTC Sensation has set the tech press alight, turned heads, stunned reviewers and generally lived up to its name. But what is it about this Android smartphone that makes is so sensational? Read on, and we’ll break it down for you in the words of the world’s tech experts.

Solid chassis

The HTC Sensation has a premium finnish and solid feel, and is as sturdy as it is attractive. The metal casing of the HTC Sensation provided a “reassuring solidity”, said Slashgear’s Chris Davies.

The “hefty aluminium case”, said CNET’s Flora Graham, makes it “feel like a giant among smart phones.”

Super screen

While the body screams solidity and strength, the screen brings the HTC Sensation to life. As Electricpig’s Ben Sillis explains: “the HTC Sensation’s display is superb, producing accurate colours and respectable viewing angles.”

Davies meanwhile thought that the unusually high resolution 4.3-inch touchscreen, which crams in 960×540 pixels, “lends itself well to browsing and ebook reading”. Go get that Kindle Android app.

HTC Sense gets smart

CNET was smitten by HTC’s interpretation of the latest version of Android for mobiles, version 2.3, which goes by the name HTC Sense.

“Not only is it beautiful to look at, with heaps of whizzy clocks and a gorgeous weather widget, but it also adds some handy features to Android. It brings together your Facebook and Twitter contacts with your Google address book, for example.”

What really won Electricpig over however, was the HTC Sensation’s brand new film streaming service, HTC Watch, packed to the rafters with new blockbuster releases. 

Movies “download quickly, look fantastic on the widescreen display, and could prove the perfect solution for boredom on long flights and train journeys,” according the site.

Killer camera

“HTC’s shooter marks a significant step up in quality in both stills and video,” wrote Slashgear, praising the eight megapixel camera and its ability to record full HD 1080p video.

CNET meanwhile noticed just how quickly the camera app loads, thanks to the new dual-core 1.2GHz processor. “HTC says it’s tried to speed up the camera so it’s faster at capturing shots, and we definitely noticed the difference. Our shots were also clear and sharp, with good colour balance.”


There’s no doubt about it, the HTC Sensation is a hit. “This phone justifies its name,” said CNET. “Those looking for a solid, well-designed smartphone with a premium feel and refined combination of hardware, software and services will be served excellently by the HTC Sensation,” said Slashgear. 

Crucially, it’s a phone that anyone can get to grips with. Electricpig gave it the highest praise of all: “The HTC Sensation is a superb handset, and certainly the best phone this year…[for those] who want simplicity.” Who doesn’t want their smartphone to be easy to use? Not us.

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