Htc-sensation-xeThe HTC Sensation XE may look familiar, and indeed, its looks and many of its specs, from Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 to the 4.3-inch screen and full HD video recording eight megapixel camera, are cribbed straight from the HTC Sensation that debuted earlier this year.

Don’t be fooled though: this bass heavy version has had some killer enhancements under the hood. Read on to see what they are.

A new look
With its aluminium chassis and charcoal gray coating, the original HTC Sensation was slick enough, but the Sensation XE ups the ante with a bold black and red design we can’t get enough of, like a killer bee.

A new sound
It’s a software change, but don’t underestimate how important it is. The HTC Sensation XE is the first smartphone to integrate Beats Audio. Plug in the pair of bundled headphones and it automatically triggers a Beats sound profile that enhances the sound of the song you’re listening to. MP3s on the move never sounded so good.

Track controls
You get a pair of custom urBeats headphones included in the box, courtesy of Dr Dre, but they’re not just any old pair: you can’t get them anywhere else. That’s because of the in-line remote: on the cord, you’ll find track controls to skip through your music as you walk, which you can’t get for any other Android smartphone.

Speedier than ever
The dual-core HTC Sensation was zippy, but the HTC Sensation XE’s silicon has been tweaked to go even faster. It’s now clocked at a sizzling 1.5GHz, meaning it can belt through anything, be it HD video or the latest 3D game.

A bigger battery
Although the dimensions haven’t changed – it’s still the same sleek, curved chassis with 126.1×65.4×11.3mm dimensions – this time around, the Sensaton XE packs a bigger 1730mAh battery, so it’ll handle all the extra power, and won’t ever leave you stranded.

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