Htc-sensation-xlThe HTC Sensation XL is the latest monster mobile out of the Taiwanese company’s factories, and it’s a beauty. Where the Sensation XE is all about raw power, the chic, white and super thin aluminium Sensation XL oozes class. And with its huge 4.7-inch display, it’s a video king – here’s why.

1. Epic screen
The Sensation XL is the biggest smartphone HTC has ever made, and its display means business. The sharp, 480×800 resolution 4.7-inch screen still fits snugly in your pocket, but offers up a bigger, better viewing experience for movies and TV shows than smaller rivals – you can see the detail and read text for one. It’s no regular TFT screen either: Super-LCD tech equals great colour that’s easy on the eye.

2. Movies on demand
The HTC Sensation supports Adobe Flash, so you can watch any internet video found on the web, but it’s got something even better waiting for you in the apps menu: HTC Watch. It’s a movie rental shop in your smartphone, letting you watch the latest blockbuster releases and top TV shows on the go.

3. HD video recording
Not content with Hollywood fare? Shoot your own: the HTC Sensation XL’s eight megapixel camera sensor also doubles up as a nifty video camera, shooting crisp 720p HD video. When you’re done, you can trim your clip to the good stuff, and upload it to YouTube straight away.

4. Stream to your telly
4.7 inches not quite big enough? You can always use an even bigger one, like the one in your living room. Using HTC’s Connected Media app, you can stream video to an internet connected television or set top box over the air, no wires required.

5. Superb sound
HTC recently acquired a majority stake in Beats By Dre, the stylish headphone brand that’s causing a stir the world over. The HTC Sensation XL is the first smartphone to come with that slick Beats logo on the back, but it’s not all about looks: the bundled Beats headphones are far superior to your regular in-the-box smartphone cans, with beefy bass and astounding treble.

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