• 1.8 million families in the UK admit to having a disorganised home life
  • Nearly three quarters (72%) of spouses do not know what their other halves are doing when they are not working
  • One in five (21%) admit their family regularly suffers because of diary mix ups
  • Half (49%) say they frequently misplace important documents around the house
  • 40% of families plan their time less than a week in advance

Research released today from O2 and Evernote has revealed that one in ten families across the UK admit to having disorganised home lives. This is despite respondents defining their households as ‘connected’, with the average family owning three mobile phones and four internet-enabled devices.

Despite devices like mobiles and tablets becoming increasingly intrinsic to family life, nearly half (48%) of families choose to use different mobile phone operating systems, but almost two thirds (63%) do not have a shared cloud network.

This digital dysfunction is affecting the flow of the nation’s homes. In 43% of homes across the UK there is no shared calendar, digital or physical, so it is no wonder so many families are not on the same page. A fifth (21%) of families say they have diary mix ups regularly. Half (49%) say they regularly misplace important documents or other printed information around the house, with a fifth (22%) saying their children have misplaced letters from school in the past six months.

Interestingly, even though 90% think they have organised homes, nearly three quarters (72%) of spouses don’t always know what their other halves are doing when they are not working.  And when looking at gender differences, it is clear to see females know much more of what their spouse are doing (40%) than males do (16%).

The research has shone a light on the major causes of digitally dysfunctional families. Despite living in a digital age, devices owned by families in the UK are not ‘talking’ to each other, meaning calendars and plans are not shared.  With this in mind, O2 and Evernote are leading a campaign to mend communications at home to get us, and our devices, talking to each other to help family life flow more easily.

To improve family communication and organisation, O2 and Evernote have teamed up to provide the solution to a digitally dysfunctional home. All UK O2 customers will now have free access to Evernote Premium accounts for one year, allowing them to get their lives, and their mobile devices in sync, sharing information, pictures, videos and notes to better organise the household and remember everything.

David Plumb, Digital Director at Telefónica UK said: “We believe in bringing digital experiences to our customers so they can live a more rewarding life. And with all the digital services available to aid communication, families should be communicating better than ever.

“Evernote Premium is a fantastic tool encouraging you to stay organised, collaborate with family and friends and get peace of mind, whilst plugging the gap between your personal and professional lives, across multiple devices. We hope this partnership with Evernote can go some way to helping digitally dysfunctional families become closer and in tune with each other. ”

Linda Kozlowski, VP International Marketing at Evernote said: “Today’s busy families are juggling a huge amount of information in different locations and across all types of devices, desktop to mobile. Evernote helps families to bring all their various activities, memories and important information together with instant and secure sharing and intelligent search.

“Our partnership with O2 is allowing us to offer the Evernote Premium service to millions of people throughout the UK and we’re confident they’ll find it incredibly valuable to making their family lives run more smoothly.”

About the offer

Evernote has 80 million users worldwide. The UK is Evernote’s largest market in Europe, with 2.8 million users currently using the service.

The offer is open to all 23 million of O2’s customers including business, mobile broadband, pay monthly and Pay & Go customers.

To redeem the one-year Evernote Premium account, customers must upgrade via http://evernote.o2.co.uk before 24th October 2014.

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