The number of iPhone games out there is staggering and if you've become an addict thanks to titles like Angry Birds, there's a whole range of cool iPhone gaming accessories and exciting new titles to choose from. Read on for your iPhone gaming upgrade…

We've put together our iPhone ultimate gaming set up for you with three awesome accessories coupled with three games you really need to play. 

Gaming must haves

iPhone Gaming Pad


£19.99 from O2.co.uk

This iPhone Gaming Pad is a really affordable way to power up your mobile gaming. Slot your phone into the pad and you can use the controller to activate the accelerometer and get better control when playing arcade apps.

Mophie Juicepack Air for iPhone 4


£54.98 from Amazon.co.uk

If you use graphics heavy apps such as Infinity Blade (one of our recommendations below), you might want to boost your battery life. The Mophie Juicepack Air has a switch that activates an additional battery when your phone's own juice is getting a little low. 

Clingo Universal Gaming Wheel


£15.27 from Mobilefun.co.uk

This gaming wheel is great and works with all models of iPhone. It makes playing racing games and other accelerometer heavy games such as Super Monkey Ball even more fun with the wheel feeling more natural than wielding your phone.

Three games you should get

Infinity Blade

£3.49 from iTunes


Arguably the most graphically gorgeous iPhone game so far, Infinity Blade looks amazing but also brings great gameplay along with the stunning visuals. The hack and slash adventure is easy to pick up and play and gives you plenty of enemies to battle for the price.


£2.99 from iTunes


NBA Jam is one of the best sports games of all time and the iPhone version is a really faithful translation of it to handheld gaming. The controls are simple to get to grips with and the short games mean it's perfect for playing on your commute or when you've just got a spare five minutes.

Tiny Wings

£0.59 from iTunes


While not as famous as it's similarly feathered counterpart Angry Birds, Tiny Wings is a gloriously addictive game where the aim is to keep a cute little bird airborne for as long as possible. The graphics and music make this game a real delight.

Let us know what iPhone games you love and what accessories you pack in your iPhone gaming travel bag in the comments…

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