It’s simple. If you use Microsoft applications, then you’ll benefit from the Windows Phone 8, with its seamless integration with Microsoft back office applications and automatic configuration for simple set up. People who are out and about can easily access applications like SharePoint or Lync. And files like PowerPoint or Word documents will open without the error messages you might see when opening them on non-Microsoft devices.

The security’s clever, too. The encrypted operating system can tell if it’s been compromised before it fully boots up. And because mobile device management solutions integrate well with the OS, you don’t need to lock-down the phone and remove all the great stuff it comes with.

Then, of course, Windows 8 pro tablet – with full-blown Windows 8 (not just the mobile version) – is on the way. It’ll make the days of carrying around a smartphone, tablet and laptop a thing of the past. All you’ll need is your smartphone and tablet – saving your business money and giving you less to lug about too.

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