Something’s happened. We need your help. There could be a new phone in it for you.

The cat is back. But this time, instead of wanting to be more dog, he’s become something dark. Something frightening. He’s become Werecat.

We don’t know how it happened, or what went wrong. All we know is that he’s out there… somewhere. He’s roaming around social media and terrorising the internet. We’ve even heard that he’s lurking on HTC’s social pages, too. It’s all just too much.

Once we get hold of him, we can return him back to his old, fun-loving, dog-aspiring self. But the hard part is finding him. PLEASE, help us – we need to catch him before midnight on 31 October 2013. Or there’s no telling what could happen.

There have been whispers of him skulking around on Facebook – on the O2 page and the HTC page. We’ve heard rumblings that he’s hiding under cover on Twitter and even that he’s buried himself in Instagram somewhere. The only clue we have is a hashtag: #HalloWin.

If you see him, tweet us with any information that could lead us to him – a code of some kind would probably help. You’ll know what to do when you see him.

If you tweet us with the info we need, we’ll enter you into a draw along with the other intrepid Werecat hunters, and you could be rewarded for your bravery with a new HTC One Mini. On 1 November, once we have him back to normal, we’ll pick one random winner per code and contact them via Twitter with the good news.

Why are you still here? Get hunting! Unless you’re a scaredy-cat…?

There’s some frighteningly small print about terms & conditions HERE. You can read them if you’re too scared to set off hunting just yet…



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