London 2012. Remember that? Before it started, we were all ‘I’m getting out of London’, ‘the roads will be horrid and the tubes even worse’, ‘it’s going to cost a fortune’, ‘it’ll rain’ – basically, we were a nation of cool cats: ‘Olympics. Meh.’

But then something weird happened. Boredom turned to interest. Interest turned to excitement. Our ears pricked up. Our noses twitched. And all of a sudden, we became… more dog – eager, excited, uninhibited, friendly. Just mucking about together, like dogs do.

For three glorious weeks, we were more dog – and it felt amazing. And at O2, we’ve decided that we want it back.

We’re not content with just being sprawled out on the windowsill of life. We’re sat at the door, wagging our tail. Holding our leash with a mischievous gleam in our eyes. And we want you to join us.

Today, we’re launching our Be more dog campaign. It’s about exploring technology. About realising how amazing the stuff in your pocket is – what it can do. What you can do with it. If a dog can have so much fun with a ball or a stick, or even its own tail, just imagine what adventures you can have with technology!

To help spread the word, we’ve got a lot going on. TV ads. Store makeovers. Social media stuff. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help…

Got friends who are a little too cat? Dog Bomb them at

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